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About the Host
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX)

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is committed towards adapting international best practices on all fronts, among other things; transparency, shareholders protection and advancing trading, while modernizing our relevant regulations and fostering technological advancements in light of the fast development and innovation in this area.

Improving trading environment is one of the key responsibilities to improve the investment environment in Egypt. The improvement is not confined to large corporations but also to SMEs, stemming from our believe of the paramount importance of the companies in the economy. Adding to that EGX aims at raising the awareness levels pertinent to sustainability issue while promoting future participation by the private sectors.
EGX is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), executive committee member of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA), Chairman of the Federation of Euro -Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS), and a founding member of the Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE).

EGX Vision: To be a World-Class, Egypt-based Exchange: the Premier Capital Market in the Middle East & North Africa Region that best serves its stakeholders.

EGX Mission: The mission of EGX is to operate and develop a high quality market for the benefits of its Egyptian and international clients.  EGX will serve and empower its customers by providing top notch market technology, innovative products, fair, transparent and efficient market.

More information on The Egyptian Exchange Website at http://egx.com.eg/en/homepage.aspx